"I went from being a non-active but highly motivated person to someone who is fit and trying activities I would have never imagined. I've been working with Kenny in his small group classes for 2 years and with his support I have come further in my overall health and fitness than I ever expected. Training with Kenny has opened doors to a much more exciting and adventure filled life for me and I will be forever grateful."

~Darcie Kerr

“Kenny has made the biggest difference in my physical health. He has remedied a badly injured shoulder and along the way made me a convert to better living by being in better shape. His approach and style is one of quiet confidence but also of testing your limits while you never quite realize it! For those of us that have not had fitness as part of our daily routine, he makes it become part of it without the jock shock...”

~Kip Woodword

"When ever I have a physical role to prepare for I always check in with Kenny, he makes it extremely easy to accomplish very far off goals."

~Matt Ward

"When I started training with Kenny in 2009 I felt that I was 'in shape' but was plagued by back pain and hip problems.  By focusing on flexibility training and building core strength, Kenny helped me build a more balanced foundation of strength.  I now have increased strength, better agility and flexibility, more energy and am totally pain free.  Kenny's approach is not your run of the mill training method.  You will feel the progress, you will feel the strength building in your body and you will be glad you started training with him."

~Alistair Sale

“Intelligent, empathetic, athletic, injured, brilliant.  Kenny has an uncanny ability to keep me moving despite a history of cancer, injuries, and age -- and a current roster of issues including chronic migraine and a weak immune system.  He uses his education and training to inform his instincts and never, ever takes his eye off the client's own goals.  Many trainers take a narcissistic view -- if the trainer is big, they make the client big; if the trainer runs, the client needs to run.  Kenny doesn't do that.  My goals are to be healthy, stay strong, and perhaps run the Spartan Sprint, so our training is reaching toward the Sprint while keeping the really important goals of feeling healthy and staying strong at the forefront.  I consider Kenny part of my healthcare team and am lucky to have found him last year.”  

~Beth Loughney

“Just a long over due note to thank you for the training classes which I have " enjoyed"  with you. I requested your assistance so that my regular exercise routine would be more comprehensive , and increase focus on strength and balance. You cleverly started with routines that were all new to me , and not impossible , to avoid both boredom and discouragement. I now realize that you are a bit of a psychiatrist , as you now know my personality and how hard and when to push the boundaries. I do ( ha ha ) look forward to the day after the workout when I can be sore all over, but feel really great!  Carry on!”

~Dr. Nancy VanLaeken

"I entered your studio sleepless and with an angst filled mind, fearful of how the day might unfold/unravel! Your empathetic reading of my situation and choice of 'yoga-like' breathing exercises transformed my day and helped me recenter and dissolve the angst.  The fella who left your studio at 9am was a much 'more peaceful' being than the one who entered at 8am." 

~Barrie Mowatt